Pattern making

From our studio, we create patterns using the 2D window of the OPTITEX package. This allows us to craft digital patterns and produce pattern sizing seamlessly, while eliminating hundreds of manual steps in the design and development processes.

For customers who prefer the traditional process of pattern making, we still offer a manual method of creating patterns. Once finished, the pattern can then be digitized.

From years of experience in pattern making, we know that there are some projects which require special attention, unconventional thinking, and a more individual approach, for example a custom dress or tailored jacket for an individual client.

By taking advantage the latest software in fashion technology, we are able to continuously reference the model in the 3D window throughout the 2D pattern making process……designing, developing and fitting simultaneously.

The 3D tool displays virtual samples, which allow us to fit your garment properly and make necessary alterations to the pattern before even cutting the first piece of fabric. The integration of  2D and 3D design saves up to 60% of sample production time, as well as cutting down on material waste.

3D Design & Digital Sample Making

Using the best technology on the market, we will render your design onto parametric avatars in the OPTITEX 3D window.Throughout the creative process, from the basic pattern to the finalised design we cross reference and compare the 2D and 3D versions of your project. Once the pattern is complete, we create a virtual sample with 95% accuracy.

The accuracy of our 3D rendered digital samples lets you assess the aesthetic elements of the design such as texture and colour, as well as correcting issues with fit, sizing, and garment ergonomics. All this happens in an innovative 3D digital environment, powered by photorealistic rendering for a true-to-life visualization.

You will see the final 3D rendering of the prototype as an MP4 movie in 360 degrees, which you can edit before we even print the first pattern.This saves a lot of time and effort cutting, printing, and editing physical patterns and fabric which would normally be part of the traditional design process.

Toile & Sample Making

TOILE MAKING – As well as our digital toile (prototype) making service we also offer physical toiles. We create toiles to check the pattern, construction, finish, and the silhouette of the sample size. For real toile making, we use calico fabric. This can be a full or half toile, and is the beginning of the alteration and amendment process.

SAMPLE MAKING - After the pattern is confirmed we are ready to make a final sample.Either we make a real sample using the original fabric, or a digital one using cutting-edge software.

Virtual runway

Using TG3D Suite we can create a 3D catwalk animation to showcase your design.

The ''virtual runway'', which uses CGI animated models, allows you to present your designs not just in the extraordinarily realistic static 3D view, but in movement, just like real-life models showcase finished collections during fashion shows.

This allows viewers of the virtual runway to appreciate the texture, drape and flow of the fabric, and to see the structure of the finished garment in motion.

Avatar Creation

The OPTITEX software allows us to create uniquely customized avatars for your project. These can be made for you according to very specific requirements. If you are making a bespoke garment for a particular customer, you can shape the avatar to be like the wearer.

You can do the same for different sizes, from standard to plus-size, petite and tall. In addition to body shape down to the most precise measurements, is also possible to adjust face structure and expression, including such details as eyebrow shape, nose type, chin definition and much more.

Skin and hair hues, as well as hair styles are available on request, as are props, including jewellery, footwear and environment. If you want to use a fully bespoke avatar, a scanned one can be loaded into our design software too. For more information on how to customize the avatars, please visit our virtual fitting room.

3D Fabrics

The Scanatic™ Nuno Fabric Scanner from TG3D Suite renders the most true-to-life fabric scans. This allows you to create a digital portfolio of fabrics that can be then applied to your ongoing or future designs. Colour and texture are faithfully replicated for all 3D design applications which helps your digital designs look as close to the real-life version as possible.

The scanner produces color, specular, normal, metalness, roughness, and ambient-occlusion maps. These formats are accepted by most 3D professional software.

How to get your fabrics scanned? All you need to provide us is 10x10 cm swatches, and we will do the rest.

Pattern Digitizing Service

Do you have a library of existing paper patterns? Using our ROLL UP digitizer we will transform your paper patterns into digital files. Endlessly portable, indestructible (with correct backup) and reusable for as long as you want them, digital patterns provide unparalleled security and convenience.

Essentially a flexible tablet that can be rolled up for easy transport, a rollup digitizer allows for transferring the pattern to a digital format using a stylus or a special cursor device and provides accuracy of 0.254 mm.

How to get started? Deliver your patterns to EB Atelier in London and we will take care of the digitization process for you. Too many patterns? The portable device allows us to visit your location and scan your patterns on site, if necessary.

Pattern Grading Service

Whether a paper pattern or a digital one, we will create patterns for the sizes you require.From standard industry sizing to your own, whether S/M/L or the full range from 6 to 24+, we will accommodate your needs. And, if you want to use your own bespoke size definitions, we will work with those.

Whether you make children's clothes or luxury evening gowns, if it comes in different sizes, we can grade it. For ease of comparison with size charts, we will export the given measurements to a spreadsheet.

Garment Technology Consulting

EB Atelier specializes in taking your project from the initial idea and design to the real-garment stage. Once the pattern is created, and the samples and prototypes are ready, our garment technology expertise will ensure that the production of the physical garments runs smoothly.

We will act as the facilitator between your vision and the realities of the manufacturing factory floor. From assessing the fabric quality and fit of the finished garments, to establishing and maintaining links with suppliers, and processing feedback from wearers, we will be by your side until the final step on the path from fashion vision to garment reality.

Garment Business Consulting

With 16 years' international experience in the fashion industry as a designer, pattern maker and dressmaker, Ewelina is uniquely placed to support the growth and ease the pains of developing your own fashion business.

We will help you learn how to:

  • Gain clarity about your business vision/big projects in the current context of fashion industry.
  • Find the optimal strategies and techniques to achieve success, however you define it.
  • Learn marketing and business skills specific to the fashion industry.
  • Define your market, expand your reach and find new customers.
  • Craft a consistent and efficient plan for growing your business.
  • Sustain motivation in the hectic cycle of design, marketing, production and sales.
  • Use healthy coping mechanisms to deal with stressful situations
  • Manage your time wisely and prioritize the right goals.
  • Prioritize your tasks so you know what to do first.
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and help you create your own roadmap to success.